5:30 p.m. Not quite what I’d envisioned ! …

As I reflect on yesterday’s milestone birthday , it irritates me greatly that it turned out to be one of the … ( if not THE ) worst birthdays of my half century of existence on the surface of this planet !!! TALK ABOUT BULLSHIT !!! …

It started off with sleeping through all three alarms … havin’ a head full of fog due to stayin’ up too late on the computer … waiting for the birthday to arrive , as I was talking to someone special who also cared about the date as well … missin’ the bus that would have put me back on schedule … AND NO MORNING COFFEE ‘TIL I GOT TO WORK !!! …


The people that run the place I work at have no idea what they chose to get involved with !!! … AND I’M PAYIN’ THE PRICE … AND NOT GETTING FAIRLY COMPENSATED !! … NO MORE !!! …

Why take on a job that you obviously know FUCK ALL !! about ? !!! …

I shall continue this at a later date …


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