12:05 a.m. Had to post this !!

Stole this from Knuckledragger .. but … then again .. he probably stole it from someone else !! … It’s titled … ‘ AWFUCK! ‘ !!


Check out the socks and shoe !!! … and the hair !!! …

” I guess I got some ‘ splainin’ to do !!! ” …


2 responses to “12:05 a.m. Had to post this !!

  1. Morning Morb. This got my attention this AM. Great Pic of a Pee!

    I told a cousin in an e-mail I had to sign off because I had to do poop patrol in the yard (I have 2 dogs).

    He replied: Have you no plumbing?

    To which I said: No, had to sell the copper pipes to help keep the house. The dogs and I let fly in the yard. A kid in the neighborhood sells tickets. Since this is his family’s only source for income and since the town and village need the taxes from the sales, I am allowed this behavior.

    A la demain fois dear Morbie.

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