8:33 p.m. This workin’ for a livin’ sucks !!!

Some days seem like a test … A test to see if you too can go POSTAL !! … ( And I never understood that phrase ! … Just exactly how hard can it possibly be to walk about and drop envelopes into boxes and get outrageously overpaid and benefited for it ?!!!!! ) … SO YA GET UP EARLY !!! BIG DEAL !!!! You’re in the bar at 11:20 a.m. for fuck sake !!! Why do you people lose it and do stupid things ?!!! … Can’t handle the stress of postal codes ?!!! …


The redundancy of errors that occur in a business that has simply been ‘ lucky ‘ to manage to survive for decades is mind boggling to me !!! Thinking they have things under control because they are simply still there leaves one to wonder … WHAT IF THEY ACTUALLY DID IT RIGHT ?!!! …

Think of the money we would be talkin’ about here !!! … Because , after all , that’s what we ‘re talkin’ about at the end of the day …

As sad as it is to state … Money , unfortunately , does indeed make the world go ‘ round …


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