8:02 p.m. Getting set up …

I’m gathering up my resources and references and trying to get things in order to bring up some points of view with a Canadian perspective. I shall endeavor to add a different angle to the common issues that I read about here on the topics that seem to be stirring up quite a bit of enthusiastic repartee’…

… The sudden abundance of spare change for Haiti … from many countries !! … ( and the lack of said change from the numerous with both the means to DO something and an excess amount to throw into the dire situation ) … The foiled terrorist attack here in my home town … and the resulting treatment of the situation … and of course , the apples and oranges political differences of Republicans and Democrats in the States …

Many others , too numerous to mention until delving right into a specific topic … Until then ( hopefully soon ) I continue on with my daily grind … Pop in every now and then … This will start to emerge soon …



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