5:42 p.m. 5.7 FN Herstal …


I just have to open up with … WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY DOIN’ IN THE AMERICAN MILITARY ?!!! …

… Supposed to be a psychiatrist ?!!! … I figure Sigmund must have passed by his desk in school ‘cuz he didn’t pick up on a few lessons ! …


‘ God is greatest ‘ ?!! …

So you figure you’re doin’ what your fairy tale has in mind for the goodness of mankind ?! … WHEN WILL ALL YOU BELIEVERS IN ANCIENT NURSERY RHYMES … GOD , ALLAH … Christens , Jews , Muslums … Sikhs … ZUES !! … Santa Clause !! … THE FREAKIN’ TOOTH FAIRY AND PETER FUCKIN’ PAN ! come to the conclusion that you ‘ worship ‘ … NOTHING BUT A MAN MADE FICTION !!!!!!

( Click on George Carlin in the Inspirations section on the right of my blog for a pretty good summation of my thoughts on religion )

I’m tired of people being murdered because of your imbecilic pagan beliefs !!! … Use that small amount of grey matter that you have and THINK !!!


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