4:04 P.M. Disturbing news …

It’s been quite some time since I’ve placed a thought on this blog of mine !! Just too busy dealing with computer problems … Hopefully sort things out soon … I was clearing out my e-mail folder of out dated messages and stumbled across one that my mother forwarded to me … with the caption of ‘ I don’t think I’ll go back to England anymore ‘ … ( Her country of birth )

Before I deleted it I placed the attachment pics in a Photoshop file and began to mull the whole thing over …

This is what the resulting thought was …


NewMorbShot copy


4 responses to “4:04 P.M. Disturbing news …

  1. I certainly don’t qualify as a computer geek Sam … Being an artist , I have surprised my ‘ computer geek ‘ friends in the printing industry with my manipulation of Photoshop … but I simply don’t have the time required to sit here and achieve total ‘ geekhood ‘ !! Wish I could get paid to sit here and do that !! … It would certainly be a blessing to this deteriorating bag of bones of mine !! …

    As far as the traffic thing goes … I’ve purposely kept it at low profile … with the intention of getting things in order … Once I have a good handle on the set up and get my political notes in order , I want to be able to be here daily , much like VF and Foxwood … but now I’m having MAJOR system problems … So until I deal with that , I shall remain in low profile …

    Hopefully , that will be dealt with soon … But alas … it will probably require money … something in short supply here !!! Keep checkin’ in tho … always good to hear from ya !

  2. Morb – I do know that the key to success on a blog is to be consistent with doing it IF YOU CAN. Then VF will tell you, the only sure fire way to get traffic is through linking to other blogs. That takes time but if you can learn how to do it through rss feeds it is fast. I am still not proficient in that. You’re a computer geek; you know these things. I just don’t want the world to miss the Morb!

    There is this effite Frenchy in Quebec that has a blog, Cervantes. He will not answer my comments because he and his buds are such superior intellects…well, visit the site. Report back. SH

  3. Morb – Morb – you live! I did a blog post on my now named ON MY WATCH..the writings of SamHenry at samandimp.wordpress.com that fits in beautifully with your concerns. It is taken from a Brit paper telling the story of a parish church having been bought by Muslims for a mosque. It has pictures of them bulldozing the graveyard!

    But I thought of you today because I came across an article at Goodtimepolitics about, are you ready, a big time crook from your favorite country – S.L.!


    Enjoy, Morb

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