12:50 p.m. Another sunny weekend !!

Slight breeze … sunny sky … and ignored household chores finally bein’ attended to … Tunes in the background , beer in the hand … and takin’ it slow and easy … but gettin’ it done …

Well that’s what weekends are all about aren’t they ?! …

Visits with a special someone always lift my spirits … adding to the brightness of these past few days … She creates a warming of my soul that overpowers those golden rays … I no longer question … I simply take it in … And bask in the warmth of our souls together … forever friends …


I’m slowly gettin’ back in tune with the blog here , but the weather has just bin too damn good these past few weeks !!! … I’ll have to dig my heels in soon and get back to work on numerous pages I have on the go …

Until then … I hope everyone is enjoyin’ the dog days of summer as much as I am …

NewMorbShot copy


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