1:58 p.m. Lazy days of summer …

I’ll take all I can get !! …


10 responses to “1:58 p.m. Lazy days of summer …

  1. I just now ‘ GOT ‘ the ‘ Forever Blogger Bud ‘ sign off Sam !!! … Some times I’m a tad tired when I get on here … But THAT definitely lifted my spirits !!! … 🙂

  2. One last hit on this post – I was just enjoying an evening of surfing on YouTube for my favorite music. I’m an ole dawg still into the great time of the B’way musical. Here is one of my favorite songs from a Sondheim musical, COMPANY, – Being Alive. It is a great song on relationships for a Morb! It is a wonderful piece of music – but it does not come close to a chocolate brownie!

  3. I’m a lucky ole dawg I can lift your spirits. I just bought the kids book, “Frog and Toad are Friends” for my grand niece (I shudder as I type “grand”). In it Frog (or Toad can’t remember which one), says to Toad that he his so happy he stopped by to see him. Toad replies “I always do.” I remember that about friends – they always do. Twenty years may intervene but they eventually always do! I have people who are amazed I still have my childhood friends. Hey, I had to work at that. I had to throw that mental log book I kept in my head out – the one that logged how many times I called a friend over and against how many times they called me. It isn’t important. Some people just never call – I have one very good pal who is that way and she announces that to her friends. To that I say, “Catherine, you are one helluva lucky B…..d! (by the way she’s Canadian.) A lot of people would have crossed you off. However, she does stop in when she is walking the dog around the block.

    And saying sorry after disagreements – well there are lots of ways people say it – you have to listen for that, too.

    Finally, there are relationships you really do have to ditch and you need to reassure yourself it is in your best interest to do so. After all, you are the only one watching out for you!

    The relationship I am having the most trouble with right now is chocolate frosted brownies from the local deli, alas. A good rubin sand followed by a good brownie (with a milk chaser) – aaaaaah. Like brownies Morb? Hey make a date with one. I do – once a week!

  4. When you get down and confused (I made up a word for this – besmirkeled), just remember it is our salvation that we don’t know the future and we don’t know what POSITIVE and good thing will happen in it – like the unexpected call from a forever friend. And also remind yourself at the times you feel failure in relationships, that one with your son you created. Way to go, Morb. Your forever blogger bud, SamH

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