9:26 a.m. Meanwhile … up here north of the 49th …

Canada’s miserably failing ‘ melting pot ‘ policies toward immigration over the past four decades has moved beyond the headlines and is literally in my back yard !!! …

Earlier on , in the infancy of this particular category , I mentioned the chaos that a large group of Sri Lankans caused in downtown Toronto. The police at the time had made a few arrests and I lauded them for their actions. Since then , I have read the papers on a daily basis about all the bullshit pertaining to the continuation of this non Canadian issue !!! It has taken up many first pages of the newspapers with numerous articles … Other than a few token arrests made several weeks ago during one particular ‘ demonstration ‘ , this bullshit has been allowed to continue ! …

I have neglected to post anything here about it ( the reason why escapes me !! ) until now …

It never fails to amaze me how these people come to Canada to escape the persecution and violence of their own society , supposedly begin a new life and , if you believe our vote pandering politicians , integrate into Canada’s society , simply ( by virtue of our misguided concept of ‘ tolerance ‘ ) create a new battleground for their home grown conflicts !!! THEN !!! Demand that I , and other Canadians , choose a side and help them !!! …


I should not have to ‘ tolerate ‘ people , who can barely speak the language of the country they ran away to , who behave with the tribal mentality of the country they fled from !!! …while disrupting the way of life this country , MY country ! has put a lot of effort and hard work into building … fairly … PEACEFULLY !! and with a world wide reputation for generally being a laid back , enjoyable neck of the woods in the world.

This is a Toronto daily newspaper article I had the ‘ pleasure ‘ of reading with my morning coffee earlier this morning. This restaurant is just a few blocks away from me , here in Brampton
( located not too north west of Toronto , in what’s referred to as the GTA … Greater Toronto Area ) …


Claims blaze shows Tamil Tigers ‘ on rampage ‘ in T.O.

By Brett Clarkson

Brampton A suspicious overnight fire that gutted a Sri Lanken restaurant is evidence that the Tamil Tigers are ‘ on the rampage in Toronto ‘ , charged Sri Lanka ‘s consul general , who said the Sinhalese eatery had been previously targeted and harassed by Tiger flag waving motorists.

Consul General Bandula Jayasekara claimed that last week’s firebombing of a Scarborough Sri Lanken Buddhist temple and yesterday’s 2:45 a.m. restaurant fire in Brampton make it clear that Tamil Tiger-style violent extremism is a reality in Toronto …

Morb interjection ;


” People here are under threat “, Jayasekara said. ” It’s really about what the Tamil Tigers are up to. They’re on the rampage here in Toronto”.

But the Sinhalese family who owns the Lanka Gardens restaurant downplayed the Tamil Tiger speculation and called for calm while the facts emerge.

Peel Regional Police also warned against jumping to conclusions because cops couldn’t yet confirm yesterday if the fire was deliberately set or not.

” We can never speak on opinions ” , said Peel Const. Adam Minnion. ” We have to speak on the facts “.

But still , the blaze was ‘ suspicious ‘ , according to police and fire officials , who removed an undisclosed material from the charred Wexford Rd. restaurant to be tested at the Centre for Forensic Sciences.

Brampton Fire District Chief Dan Quennel said the material would be tested to determine if an accelerant had been used in the blaze – testing that could take several weeks to complete.

The consul general , who arrived in a black tinted car with two RCMP escorts , was driven to the Brampton restaurant from a meeting in Scarborough , where he met with Immigration Minister Jasen Kenny’s chief of staff , Agop Everklian

Morb interjection ;

Now there’s a good Canadian name , huh ?!! … and what the fuck is numbnuts Kenny doin’ anyway ?!!…

… to discuss the temple firebombing.

The Sri Lanken diplomat said Lanka Gardens owner Ranjith Tilakaratne told him in a 4:30 a.m. phone call that people waving Tamil Tiger flags had driven around his restaurant in previous weeks , honking their horns and shouting out the window.

As well , the glass on the restaurant’s front door was smashed about two weeks ago. Tilakaratne’s wife Chandrika confirmed at the scene , adding that motorists had driven by on at least one occasion waving the Tamil flags.

Members of the Sinhalese community who were at the fire scene said the blaze is a sign that tensions arising from Sri Lanka’s 26 year civil war have spilled over to Toronto and have escalated to violence.

Morb interjection ;

YET AGAIN !! Sri Lanka’s civil war is THEIR problem !!!! Go home and sort it out !!! It is YOU who revert to violence !!! I don’t appreciate your pagan ‘ spillage ‘ in my neck of the woods !!! … And why the fuck do we have a Sri Lankan ‘ Consul General ‘ driving about in a car with tinted windows and an RCMP escort , provided for by taxpayor dollars , in the first place ?!!! …

Since January , thousands of Tamils and their allies have been regularly protesting in downtown Toronto against what they say is systemic discrimination against Tamils in their homeland from the majority Sinhalese.

Chandrika Tilakaratne , who with her husband opened the restaurant in December 2007 , said , ” At this point , I’m scared “.

MorbFeb11Boo FUCKIN’ hoo !!!

I’m REALLY fed up of all this BULLSHIT !!


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  1. I’m obviously going to have to type the article out myself !!! … It just won’t link to the newspapers article !!! BALLS !!! I’ll give that a go a little later tonight …

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