9:26 p.m. I WANT TO BE IN CHARGE !!! …

ToriStaffordAdmission … History … Evidence … GUILT !!! …

These two minds are obviously SO FAR GONE … Why have them on the planet ?!!! … Give me the switch , I’d be happy to pull it !!! … But that’s too quick and so is a bullet …

But this thing will drag on … and on … and ‘ Miss ‘ Terri-Lynne will cry the same excuse as Karla did and blame Rafferty … she’ll cut a deal … he’ll expend taxpayor money being looked after in prison and appeal , after appeal will carry on for years , so the LAWYERS all make their BMW payments !!! …

… But what of Tori ? …


2ProfileMorb copy

( So I think it’s best to call it a night … )


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