8:26 p.m. Tamil Tension …

Let’s screw up traffic !! …

Watchin’ the news last night and I just about put my foot through the television !!! ( Damn thing is on the way out anyway ! … has a mind of its’ own !! … the tube’s shot ! … but then again , that’s not the point !! ) … We have downtown TO tied up by thousands of Tamils , in rush hour ! … All upset about what’s going on in the primitive little back assward country they left , to come here and steal jobs and be a strain on our economy !! … Because they feel that ‘ nobody’s listening ‘ …

They state that they spoke with their MPP’s and Federal MP’s and got no where …” So this is what we have to do ” … Well the side you’re on back there has been labelled ‘ terrorist ‘ , so you see ? … we’re not all that terribly concerned !! …

That’s right !!! We don’t CARE !!! … If you care so much … why are you here ?!!! … Go back there and YOU sort it out !! Why should we do anything about your backward tiny ass nation ?!!! Be happy that you’re here … and learn the language of this country and WORK !! … Stop fucking up the afternoon commute !! It’s a purgatory as it is !!! …

If I was in charge , those ‘ protesters ‘ would all be on an Armed Forces flight back to Sri Lanka ( Hope you know how to use a parachute , ‘ cuz we ain’t landin’ ! … Strap Granny in good !!! … )


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